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Historically Crazy Saturday Puts Buckeyes Back in Playoff Hunt

For the first time in the AP Poll’s 78-year history, five of the top eight teams lost on Saturday, along with half of the Coaches Poll top 20.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes took care of business in Maryland by thumping the Terrapins 52-24, and if JT Barrett isn’t careful, he’ s going to find himself on some Heisman lists, as the redshirt freshman threw for 267 yards and four touchdowns, while adding 71 yards and a score on the ground.  So what does that historically crazy weekend in college football mean for the Buckeyes?



We’re not dead yet!

Half of Buckeye Nation let their 2014 title hopes fly out the window when Braxton Miller was declared out for the season, and the other half threw in the towel after an embarrassing defeat to Virginia Tech. But I’m going to channel my inner Lee Corso and say, “not so fast!”

Ohio State’s one real chance to impress this year lost a lot of its luster with that week two loss to the Hokies and Sparty’s loss at Oregon, but the sexy may just be back in that matchup. The Buckeyes moved up to No. 15 in the AP Poll, while Michigan State was bumped up to No. 8 with a win against a ranked Nebraska.  No. 15 vs. No. 8 looks pretty appetizing already, but it is only going to get better.

As SEC, PAC12, and BIG12 teams are knocking themselves off, Ohio State and Michigan State will sit back with relatively easy schedules and move up in the polls.

Look at the matchups happening this Saturday alone:

No. 2 Auburn vs. T-No.3 Mississippi State

T-No.3 Ole Miss vs. No. 14 Texas A&M

No. 9 TCU vs. No.6 Baylor

No. 12 Oregon vs. No. 18 UCLA

No. 13 Georgia vs. No. 23 Missouri

While these teams are beating up on each other, the Buckeyes will be relaxing with their second bye of the season, and Michigan State will most-likely crush Purdue.

With OSU and MSU’s soft schedules leading up to that November 8th battle in East Lansing, we could be looking at Top 5 versus a Top 12 matchup, which is one that could catapult the Buckeyes right back into the think of the playoff conversation.

There is still a lot of football to play, boys and girls, and it matters in a big way for the Buckeyes.

And hey, ESPN’s Brad Edwards agrees:

“You start looking at (Ohio State),” Edwards said Monday, on the SVP and Russillo radio show. “On one hand, Virginia Tech is probably gonna lose a few more games and that loss is gonna look worse and worse as you go forward. On the other hand, the Selection Committee has the ability to sit there as a group and discuss and say, ‘You know what, I’m gonna give them a little bit of a pass. It was week two, freshman quarterback, replacing four starters on the offensive line. Look at what they are now compared to what they were then.’ They can do that. That’s one of the things the Selection Committee has in their arsenal; the ability to have those conversations. People go nuts over the fact that you could conceivably forgive a loss, because when would that have ever been done, with the polls, with the computers, anything. And I’m not saying they will, but it is something that’s out there as a possibility.”


Cover Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

Matt Chinn

Assistant Editor in Chief at Riverfront City Sports
Assistant Editor in Chief for Riverfront City Sports, Matt Chinn is a proud Wright State University alumnus. An avid Buckeyes, Bengals, UD and Reds fan, Chinn spends his free-time obsessing over local sports.

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