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TOASTED DAILY (11.21.14): Feminism, Food, Fantasy, Football, and Fridays


During a peer exchange I recently attended, we talked about the setbacks of developing applications in the work place for people who do not use internet or modern technology regularly.  It reminded me of my grandfather, who was so stuck in his way of doing things that he refused to keep records of his business via computer, long after they were accessible.  He and his employees spent a lot of time dealing with hand written records and filing, which is in turn money that would have easily paid for a single computer and much more.  My mother offered to teach him, explaining how easily and quickly she could show him how to track an inventory in something as simple as a spreadsheet, but he didn’t trust it because he had always just done it a certain way.

The same can be said for how we treat others.   As a society we must be open-minded to new ways of thinking.  Continuing to treat others and discriminating just as our previous generations did will keep us from growing or evolving.  You wouldn’t do long division without a calculator just because “it’s how Grandpa did it”, so why would we continue ignoring the disadvantages of other races and genders?  Last week we talked about perspective, and maybe it is time to put less focus on the things we have grown comfortable with and start working outside our comfort zone to focus on helping others.  After all, if we don’t pause to analyze our values, beliefs, and priorities ourselves, we may be awakened by a stadium full of upset chants and glares.  Welcome to another Friday portion of Toasted Daily.


Signs We Need To Check our Priorities

I’m guessing most of you already know about the male Saints fan that nearly hit the female Bengals fan in the face in order to steal a pass from Jermaine Gresham after a touchdown in New Orleans.  The fact that he was not only stealing the ball from the intended recipient but also from the opposite team’s player is pathetic in itself.  However, the way he rips it away from her and ignores her is truly disgusting.  Please, take a look at the Saints fans behind him.  Even they are disappointed and know that was wrong.

I’m glad the organization sent another football down to her, but it’s certainly not the same coming from a guy in a tie, as opposed to one of your team’s players.  I’m also glad this went viral, so everyone can hear how the entire stadium was chanting for him to return it.  It’s like when a male argues with a female over inappropriate behavior and discrimination towards women, which he can’t possibly understand.  It shouldn’t take a stadium’s worth of people to tell you that you’re wrong.  If we are willing to knock others over (physically and emotionally), especially a good natured female fan enjoying a football game, just to have a football, we really need to get our priorities straight.


It’s Taking Over Columbus

Maybe it’s because it’s getting annoyingly cold out again, or maybe it’s the threat of moving locations.  Either way I found myself in line, in the cold no less, for a spicy game-time meal last week before the Ohio State Football game.  We had traveled down to East Side of Columbus, where a couple well-kept secrets in the city’s food scene reside, and by “well-kept” I mean very popular regardless of the weather or time of day.

Hot Chicken Takeover is comprised of a small carryout window surrounded by picnic benches and water jugs filled with free sweet tea for the customers.  The menu is simple.  Pick the pieces of fried chicken you want, the spice level (cold, warm, hot, or holy), and your sides, which include specialty slaw and banana pudding.  I sampled their drumsticks with a “warm” spice level, and while full of flavor, I nearly tapped out before finishing my meal due to the heat.  Each meal is served with Ma’s Mac and white bread, which I used to help not only cut the heat but also to mop up the remains.

The idea came from a Nashville window, but the cayenne covered poultry is heading to the North Market in downtown Columbus to join many other culturally diverse options.  I’m very excited it will now be in the city’s culinary center, where many visitors and downtown lunch-goers will get a chance to fall in love with the southern flavors.


Daily Fantasy Football

See our lineup below for this week’s Fanduel entry into the 50/50 contest.  To see our reasoning, visit this week’s fantasy football rankings.

Fanduel Week 12


For any questions about our fantasy picks, visit our new mailbag feature and select “Fantasy Football”.


Eliminator Pick

It’s really a toss-up between Indy and Green Bay this.  They are both playing bad teams, and each is playing very well.  However, based on the remaining schedule, I’m saving the Colts for later.  Plus, Rodgers seems to be on a hot streak.

The Vikings have a rookie at QB, they are missing their elite running back, and their defense isn’t good enough to make up for it.  Green Bay’s defense has been playing much better, and they should give this young quarterback fits.  It’s easy this week.  Take the Packers.


Friday Foolery

I’m a sucker for trick shots, and celebrity guest shots only add to it:







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